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DonorScope™ connects you with major donors who can fund your important mission

DonorScope™ is a prospect research platform provided by NANOE that ensures nonprofits identify and are properly introduced to donors who give major gifts.

NANOE’s DonorScope™ platform operates inside of a three part process:

1: Select Prospects

You will have access to a database where your can download complete contact information of major donors whose net worth exceeds $1,000,000 who live across town or the nation.

2: Append Prospects

After your initial selection, you will have the ability to add comprehensive wealth & financial information to each person or family in your existing prospect file.

3: Compile Prospects

Once your prospects have been selected and customized to meet your organization’s criteria, we give you step-by-step instruction to create lists of known community champions, board members & major donors who could join your nonprofit by sharing a major gift.